Harry Turnbull Skatepark - Sarnia, Ontario

I recently spent part of an afternoon at the skatepark that is located in my hometown of Sarnia, Ontario. Harry Turnbull Skatepark has been a local spot for all extreme sports for over thirty years. Other than a few modifications by locals, it has been untouched and is one of the oldest skatepark in Ontario, and could be one of the oldest in Canada.

Although I don’t skate or ride BMX bikes anymore, I used to love it. I would usually skate around my neighbourhood, but sometimes my dad would take me and a few friends to the park. I was always intimidated by the older people there, but I did have a blast there as a kid. I wanted to get some images of the parks landscape, and while the park does not have an abundance of features, it was still a great way to spend time outdoors with friends.

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