Bruce Peninsula National Park

On August 26th, a few friends and I made the four hour drive up to the Bruce Peninsula National Park for the day, which is located in Tobermory, Ontario. The park is located along the shorelines of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron and is home to the The Grotto, which is a spectacular cave along the Bruce Trail, and many other natural wonders. I have been wanting to visit The Grotto for years now and I am glad that I was finally able to experience the cave in person.

There are two visitor parking lots in the Bruce Peninsula National Park near Cyprus Lake which visitors are able to park for the day, but when we arrived just after 11 a.m, both lots were already full. We ended up parking at Emmett Lake and making the hike to The Grotto. What was initially going to be a 20 minute trek, turned into roughly a 1.5-2hr 6km hike, which in my opinion, was truly a blessing in disguise. Hiking the Bruce Trail was incredible and it made swimming at The Grotto that much better once we arrived. We brought snorkeling gear and it was truly an incredible place to swim due to the clear water. On our way back we also found an awesome cliff to jump off of. Once we swam below and checked the depth (turned out to be probably 60-80ft) we spent the hour jumping off and swimming before starting the hike back to Emmett Lake.

This will definitely not be my last time visiting this beautiful national park. Next year, I plan on taking a full weekend and camping out along the Bruce Trail at one of the lakes. I can’t imagine how amazing the sunrise/sunsets are, as well as the stargazing at night over Georgian Bay. 

Below are some of the photographs that I took along the trail to The Grotto as well as our hike coming back. All photos were taken using a Fujifilm X100S camera system with the built in fixed 35mm f/2 lens. 

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